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= Architectural Guide =

In this guide you will find some expansion and clarification on the architectural values I presented in the [[https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/present/view?id=dgpdcfn9_4fd46fgcz&revision=_latest&start=0&theme=blank&authkey=CJWpj5EN&cwj=true|Launchpad Architectural Vision 2010]]

All the code we write will meet these values to a greater or lesser degree. Where you can, please make choices that make you code more strongly meet these values.

Much existing code does not meet them well; this is simply an opportunity to get big improvements - by increasing e.g. the transparency of existing code, operational issues and debugging headaches can be reduced without a great deal of work.

This guide is intended as a living resource : all Launchpad developers, and other interested parties, are welcome to join in and improve it.

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