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== Are there Launchpad packages available? ==
No, Launchpad is not packaged and there are no plans to do so. Launchpad deployment is done straight from Git branches and is quite complex.

== Why PostgreSQL? ==
PostgreSQL was chosen in 2004 because it supported most of the features we thought we would need; MySQL did not. The other contender was Oracle, and for a while we made sure we would be able to switch to Oracle if necessary but PostgreSQL has worked great.

== How integrated is the database in the code? ==
Highly. We make use of PostgreSQL specific features, such as:
 * SQL language extensions
 * PL/pgSQL and Python stored procedures
 * Triggers
 * Functional indexes
 * Automatic load balancing over the replicas with Slony-I
 * Transactional DDL
 * tsearch2 full text search
 * Database permissions

== What version of Python is required? ==

Currently, Python 3.5.

== Can I look at the code without downloading it all? ==

Yes, you can browse the [[https://git.launchpad.net/launchpad/tree|source code]] on Launchpad.
You can also use `git clone https://git.launchpad.net/launchpad` to download the code without setting up a development environment.

== I have Launchpad running but mails are not sent... ==

Development Launchpads don't send email to the outside world, for obvious reasons. They connect to the local SMTP server and send to root.
To create new users, create a new account, and check the local mailbox, or use utilities/make-lp-user

== My database permissions keep getting deleted! ==

If your local account is called "launchpad" it conflicts with a role called "launchpad" which is defined in `security.cfg`. You need to rename your local account and re-assign it super user permissions as the `utilities/launchpad-database-setup` script does.
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