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 * [[Hacking|Common Hacking Guidelines]]
 * [[StyleGuides|Coding style guidelines]]
 * [[Hacking|Common Hacking Tips]] Finding your way around the Launchpad code.
 * [[StyleGuides|Coding style guidelines]] How incoming code should look.
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 * [[ContributorAgreement|Contributor Agreement]]
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 * [[ThreeDotO]] - feature plans and estimates for the mid-2009 major release  * [[VersionThreeDotO]] - feature plans and estimates for the mid-2009 major release

Launchpad Development Wiki

Quick links

Get started with Launchpad
Get help with Launchpad

[This wiki is still very much a work in progress. When this notice disappears, that means it's still a work in progress, just not so much in progress that it demands a notice. The notice should go away before Launchpad is open sourced this July]

Launchpad is a suite of tools that help people and teams to work together on free software.

This wiki is about the development of Launchpad. If you're just looking for help using Launchpad (including help with its APIs) please visit the help wiki.

But if you're a heavy user of Launchpad who wants to help shape its future -- e.g. an Ubuntu Core Dev, MOTU, or Launchpad developer -- then this is the wiki for you.

Getting Started

Parts of Launchpad

This wiki is new and we're still moving information to it from other places:



External documentation

Zope tips


There are several possible causes:

  • The attribute does not exist. (This would normally cause an AttributeError.)

  • The attribute is present in the database class, but not in the relevant interface class.
  • The attribute is not named in the relevant ZCML file. This does not apply if the entire interface is allowed.
  • There is no corresponding interface.

This is not the same as Unauthorized. Unauthorized means that an authorization regime has been properly set up, but the current user is not authorized.

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