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Showing you what you need to do, what you could do and what you are waiting on.

Contact: JonathanLange
On Launchpad: Link to a blueprint, milestone or (best) a bug tag search across launchpad-project

As a user of Launchpad
I want to easily and quickly find out what I should do next
so that I can work efficiently on my projects, without maintaining a lot of unnecessary mental or external state


Why are we doing this now?

What value does this give our users? Which users?


Constraints and Requirements


What MUST the new behaviour provide?

Nice to have

Must not

What MUST it not do?

Out of scope


Other LaunchpadEnhancementProposals that form a part of this one.


What are the workflows for this feature? Even a short list can help you and others understand the scope of the change. Provide mockups for each workflow.

You do not have to get the mockups and workflows right at this point. In fact, it is better to have several alternatives, delaying deciding on the final set of workflows until the last responsible moment.


How will we know when we are done?

How will we measure how well we have done?


As many ideas as possible

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