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Style Guide for Lazr Projects

Lazr projects are a collection of the open-sourced stand-alone components that Canonical releases.

Lazr projects generally follow the guidelines described in the HackingLazrLibraries and Launchpad Hacking documents.

New projects should also always follow, and start from, the lazr.yourpkg template. Use the script in the template package to get the package ready for development. For instance, if you want to make a package, you might do this.

bzr branch lp:lazr.yourpkg
./ foo

See the Hacking document on where to go from there.

Package README.txt, docs, and tests

All documents in the package should use reStructuredText, with Sphinx extensions as needed. Try using bin/docs in your buildout's bin directory, and then looking at parts/docs/lazr.yourpkg/build/README.html.

The package's README.txt should be an introduction to the package.

If it gets too long strongly consider dividing up the document into a briefer introduction in the README.txt using Sphinx extensions or cross-references to link to documents in the docs/ directory.

On the other hand, if your package is very small, the README.txt may be the only documentation you need. In that case, delete the docs directory.

The README.txt and any/all documents in the docs directory are tested automatically by default (see tests/ in lazr.yourpkg).

Doctests are encouraged. Additional unit-style tests should be added in the tests directory.

__version__ number

The should have a __version__ string for the package that is used by for the packages version.

Guidelines for re-exporting

Sometimes a package wants to re-export code in its file. For instance, if your package is essentially a module with tests and documentation, it may be quite ugly to have your users import your code with from import Bar. You would prefer to have your code canonically available as

However, the should have a __version__, as described above; when the tries to import it, it may get an import error when it is trying to build. And coders looking at your package will generally not expect to find much code in your file.

Our compromise is the following:

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