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Process Overview

Each month a DB downtime is scheduled. The team lead schedules this with the Launchpad stakeholders and LOSAs. It is broadly scheduled up to a year in advance on the downtime schedule. The scheduled time should overlap with availability from the DBA

The launchpad engineers request a merge from db-stable of *only* QA-ok commits 48 hours before the scheduled time. The db downtime then deploys just that merge revision and where possibly only does schema changes.

Other downtime requiring events (such as codehosting setup changes) have partial downtime scheduled as required.

DB-stable->devel merge imputs


Coordinator (LP Team lead)

Let Matthew Revell <matthew.revell@canonical.com> know the time to announce it.

The downtime window is always 90 minutes; if less time is consumed, great. If more time is needed, we go back to the drawing board to figure out how to do it faster.

Re-announce downtime so it serves as a reminder on launchpadstatus account at least 4h before the actual rollout. You can do this yourself with the identi.ca login info.

Ensure that Matt Revell has a downtime announcement email ready for lp-announce. Again, make sure it's noted that some LP services (e.g. soyuz) can go offline temporarily up to half an hour before the rollout.

Engineering responsibilities

After the roll-out

Database Patches


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