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Launchpad Registry

The registry is a core domain that most all Launchpad applications require. The code is primarily located in lp.registry and


Pillars are distributions, projects and project groups. They share a common set of features.


Projects commonly produce software, art, or some work that can be used. Projects have maintainers, and drivers, but are shared by communities who make contributions according to their own interests.


Ubuntu's releases are mirrored by other sites.

Series, Milestones, and releases

Projects and distributions have series of milestones that mark progress toward a goal (releases). Project releases are often associated with tarballs or installers.

Source Packages

Distribution and distro series source packages summarise current and historical uploads of packages.


Persons are users or teams registered either by a human or an import process. Person may own, manage, or interact with Launchpad artefacts.


Users represent a person. Most are registered by processes. Some users are active, meaning that a human may authenticate to assume the identity of a person.


Teams represents a group of users that discuss common issues or may control Launchpad artefacts. Teams are mostly registered by users, though some may be registered by an import process.

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