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Project review

Launchpad Registry admins can review projects. Projects are reviewed to ensure:

The licensing issue is most important. The latter items are indicative of communication and usability issues. Spam is a big concern, but the Launchpad community could possibly help with that.

Launchpad gets between 10 and 30 projects registered every day. Saturdays and Sundays have few while Mondays and Tuesdays have many.

Daily review of projects that need review

View review projects to see a listing of the projects that need review. This queue should be driven to zero. It takes between 5 and 15 minutes to do so, and it is much faster to review each project in a separate tab. View the project title, summary and description to judge if the project is legitimate, is a test, is a mistake, or is spam. Use the Review project link to mark the project reviewed; about 80% of the time you will approve it.

Do not do judge value or viability of the project! A review of projects revealed that half the projects that we inquired about were thriving, and half of the projects we did not inquire about had failed. Let time be the judge of value and viability.

1. First search for special case licenses that may need correspondence. There are the "I don't know" and "Other" licenses:

2. Second view all projects that need review (uncheck the three licenses).

Weekly review of projects with issues

Unapproved and proprietary projects need follow up. (The scripts mentioned herein can be found in lp:lp-dev-utils.)

Commercial Admin responsibilities for Other/Proprietary license projects:

Actions to address common issues

Open bugs

There are many things that can be done to improve the review experience. The queue could be reduced by improving registration so users do not make mistakes. The emails could be sent automatically or included in actions. For example, the automatic sending of the Lp license policy to "I Don't Know" projects encourages more than half of them to get a lice in 48 hours.

See the listing of related chr project bugs

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