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This page tells you how to modify a development Launchpad so you can access it from other machines. Ask for help right away if you run into problems.

Accessing launchpad.test from anywhere on the LAN

These instructions assume that you already have Launchpad working for local access, and now you want it to be accessible from other machines on the same LAN, or perhaps the virtual machine or LXC host.

Amending the Apache configuration

Launchpad's default development Apache config (/etc/apache2/sites-available/local-launchpad.conf) only listens on This can be overridden with the LISTEN_ADDRESS environment variable when running make install. You probably want to make it listen on everything:

sudo make LISTEN_ADDRESS=* install

note: zsh users receiving the error no matches found: LISTEN_ADDRESS=* may need to noglob this:

noglob sudo make LISTEN_ADDRESS=* install

Amending the hosts file

Launchpad makes extensive use of virtual hosts, so you'll need to add entries to /etc/hosts on any machine from which you want to access the Launchpad instance. You'll see the relevant hostnames in /etc/hosts on the machine running the instance -- they need to be added to the remote machine, mapped to the server machine or container's external IP address.

If some of those other machines run Windows, it may be helpful to know that the Windows equivalent of /etc/hosts is located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Note that Windows' version has a line length limit, so you might have to split it across multiple lines or only include the hostnames that you need.

That's it!

If you did everything above, you should new be able to access https://launchpad.test/ in a web browser on a suitably configured remote computer.

Accessing launchpad.test from a single host over SSH

SSH provides a SOCKS proxy. By running that proxy on the target machine, you can view its Launchpad web site as if you were on that machine, without having to open non-SSH ports to a wider network. To do so:

Then set your browser's SOCKS proxy settings to use target-machine:8110

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