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This page describes how to build and run Launchpad on your own machine. If you run into problems at any step, please [[Help|ask for help]] right away.

== Building ==
Assuming you have already [[Getting|gotten the Launchpad source code]], here's how to build a pristine trunk (devel) instance. First, be in the top level of the source code:

  $ cd devel

'''''WARNING:''''' ''Before you can run Launchpad for the first time, you need to set up Postgres. Running the database setup script below will destroy any Postgres databases on your system. DO NOT run this script if you use Postgres for anything other than Launchpad (see [[DatabaseSetup]] for more):''

  $ ./utilities/launchpad-database-setup $USER

''(Please have read the previous comment before you run the above command!)''

Finally, build the database schema:

  $ make schema

== Running ==
Now you should be able to start up Launchpad:

  $ make run

For subsequent builds, you can just do `make run` right away. You don't need to do `make schema` every time, and you should avoid it because it's expensive and because it will clean out any data you might have put into your test instance (through the web UI or by running other scripts).

Now try logging into your locally-running Launchpad, using the default username and password:

  username: admin@canonical.com
  password: test

== Stopping ==
You can stop Launchpad by doing a '''Control-C''' in the terminal where you started it:

  [...shutting down Launchpad...]

Or you can be at a prompt in the same directory and run this:

  $ make stop
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