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 * [[/RyanPaul|Ryan Paul]] of the Gwibber project.
 * [[JussiSchultink|Jussi Schultink]], of IRC Council, and active in Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.

This page contains raw data from discussions with Launchpad users, upstream developers, Ubuntu developers, and other stakeholders.

Each sub-page listed below corresponds to some form of communication with a stakeholder. It's organized by person: if you add a new page, please name it after the interviewee, and if the same person does multiple interviews, just make new sections on their page (some of the pages below are examples of how to do this).

User Testing interviews done at 2009 UDS-L in Dallas

Matthew Revell and Charline Poirier did some user testing at UDS-L. Matthew's notes are consolidated here:

(Plus a couple more, but we're still clearing permission with them to post the interview notes publicly.)

Other Interviews

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