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   * PythonStyleGuide    * [[https://launchpad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/guides/python.html|Python style guide]]

This page needs to be cleaned up

Review instructions/policy/workflow

  • Things you can do, as a reviewer, to avoid round trips
    • Include diff chunks for context
    • Do not make reference to line numbers, as diffs are a moving target
    • Always include the file name in diff chunks
  • Please subscribe to these wiki pages (they are low volume, but changes matter):
  • Changes to security.cfg can be made even during DB freeze. This runs the risk of causing oopses on edge.launchpad.net, if edge requires a permission that has not been granted to the production DB. So if you are landing a security.cfg change while the DB is frozen, you need to email stub, mthaddon, CC: launchpad@ asking them to apply the manual change to jubany as well. Reviewers should remind about this when seeing a security.cfg change.

Suggested reading

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