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This page is dedicated to Polyot, a script to help running Launchpad test suite on remote machines. All pages dedicate to testing can be found in CategoryTesting.


These scripts are design to help you in testing LP devel branches on remote machines (virtual machines or any other computer not used for development).

Test results are emailed to bzr whoami

If needed, the script will get latest lp/devel and update the database schema. Before testing, it will merge the branch with devel and report conflicts.

Get the code

You should get the Polyot code on both local (development) machine and remote (testing) machine.

The scripts should be placed in ~/launchpad/lp-polyot otherwise things will fall apart.

cd ~/launchpad
bzr branch lp:~adiroiban/launchpad/lp-polyot

Using Polyot

Please consult the README file.


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