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This document contains a summary of the input from the community to pick the top 3 wishes for Launchpad Translations. The feedback was gathered mainly from 3 different surveys in September 2009 representing the input of both the Ubuntu and global translations community around Launchpad, and was combined to create the final list.

The final selection of the 3 wishes was done as a combination of the raw number of votes each feature had and bias from additional personal feedback and experience.

Top three community wishes for Launchpad Translations

This table contains the top three wishes highlighted in light green. Other wishes have been added to the table in order of priority, in case priorities or wishes had to be reshuffled.




Upstream Sync

Provide an automated mechanism to submit translations back to upstream or allow them to fetch them themselves in an easier way.


Allow reviewers to provide feedback to translation suggestions, either on a single string basis or as in a global whiteboard for a given template

Package set views

Currently the full list of translations in main is shown to Ubuntu translators, which might be overwhelming for them and it does not show accurate statistics on how well translated a distribution is. It would be useful to have a global view of projects or modules which would only include the templates which are part of them (e.g. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, UNR, or even further granularisation in subprojects or most important upstreams: GNOME, KDE, etc.). This could be e.g. modelled after the package sets resulting from the Archive Reorg project


Provide a notification system so that translators can get notified of e.g. new suggestions, new template uploads, etc. for templates they might want to subscribe to

Translation memory

Provide real translation memory support with fuzzy matching, optionally allowing teams to upload/remove their own translation memories for their languages.

Global string search

Allow searching for a string globally in all of a project's or a distro's templates


Ubuntu Translations Survey 9.10

From the Ubuntu Translations Community Survey 9.10:

Here's a summary of the features the participants would like to see in Launchpad Translations, where the first ones are the ones which received more requests.

Launchpad Translations Survey 9.10

From the Launchpad Translations Survey 9.10:

Response count: 80

Launchpad users "Your top 3 wishes for Launchpad" Survey 4.0

From the "Your top 3 wishes for Launchpad" Survey 4.0: