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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Vincent Ladeuil <v.ladeuil+lp {_AT_} free.fr>

1) A better code review workflow (see all bugs related to
   lp:mad), roughly the diffs are often out of sync with the
   submitter point of view and resubmitting breaks the discussion
   into several threads, plus the generated mails don't play well
   with mailing lists (ask Aaron about that :)

Martin Pool <mbp {_AT_} canonical.com>

2- Develop the code review feature more: always supply a diff, make it
easier to comment on the diff, and make the fact that the code review
is happening visible in other places (like bugs).  This is moving
really well recently so I'm basically saying, don't let up the

James Westby <jw+debian {_AT_} jameswestby.net>

2) Sexy code review.

   I realise that there is work going on in this area, but it is still my
   main wish for 4.0, and one that I can reasonably hope to see implemented.

   Code review is one of the most important activities that we do, we should
   do lots and lots of it, and our tools should allow us to focus on reviewing
   the code and help us to get the highest quality possible.  It is also one
   of the things that a code hosting site should excel at.

   I find the current system to vary between usable and good, and I don't think
   that's enough. I think Launchpad's code review system and workflow should
   knock your socks off, it should cause people's jaws to drop the first time
   they see it, and cause them to flock to Launchpad; we don't have that yet.

   I realise it is tough, but I think this should be the major focus of the
   Launchpad Code team for the next cycle, with help from the other teams to
   integrate it well (along with making Code work well for Ubuntu ;-)

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