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This page is about how to handle and triage Launchpad-related bugs. For information about the Launchpad bug tracker's code, please see Bugs instead. Ask for help right away if you have any questions.

How to File a Bug About Launchpad

TODO: There should be a section about this. Possibly it should be in the Help Wiki and linked to from here. Anyway, please help us fill in this section

How to Respond to a Bug

When responding to a bug report, please tell the reporter how they can help fix it. If the bug looks easy, then give an authoritative statement that it is easy to fix, give clear steps to fix it, and (most importantly) say that help is available:

  This is an easy fix.  Just:
    A) ...
    B) ...
    C) ...
  I'll sponsor anyone who wants to submit a patch.  (Launchpad is open source; see https://dev.launchpad.net/)

If you yourself cannot sponsor a patch, that's okay -- just say that help is available and point the reporter to https://dev.launchpad.net/Help. Even if the bug doesn't look easy, still point out that the reporter can get involved in fixing it and point them to where they can get help.

As Maris Fogels points out, expect the 1000/10/1 rule: we'll get 1 patch for every 10 commentors and every 1000 viewers. That's okay: one patch is still worth a lot.

How We Triage Launchpad Bugs

See BugTriage.

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