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OrphanedPages shows pages that no other page links to by a WikiName.


[DIFF] 15:21 Info wgrant
[DIFF] 15:59 Info cjwatson
[DIFF] 14:19 Info cjwatson update qa-reports links
[DIFF] 02:18 Info wgrant [1-2] #01 fix link
#02 add zesty
[DIFF] 15:53 Info cjwatson update PPA syntax; bzr PPA is only needed for 12.04
[DIFF] 15:52 Info cjwatson [1-2] #01 16.04 works now
#02 note test failure with ZFS
[DIFF] 08:39 Info wgrant [1-8] #01 document html5-browser
#02 document convoy
#03 I remain terrible at moin link syntax.
#04 explain per-package series restrictions
#05 update series policy to be vaguely more representative of reality.
#06 updates
#07 Drop horrifyingly obsolete section on obsolete things.
#08 drop packages that aren't there any more
[DIFF] 10:31 Info cjwatson recommend LXD instead


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