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 * Expose in patches in bug listings and other pages  * Expose patches in bug listings and other pages

Bug Patch Tracking is not one of the main stories under development by the Launchpad Bugs team for what is being called Launchpad v4.0. However, after discussions at UDS, based on the amount of work required and the importance of this work for the story of bridging the gap, this story has been taken on in addition to the work being done for BugHeat and Bug Q&A.


3.1.12 (December, 2009)

  • bug 172507, "show patch icon or notification on the comments page"
    • need icon from bueno (or someone else)
  • bug 344054, "patches and attachments should be listed separately in bug reports"
    • need new "Patches" portlet for bug page
  • Get agreement about design of +patches page
    • bug listing columns
    • traversal to get to +patches
  • Determine how much of the external tracker part of the story can be done

3.2.1 (January, 2010)

  • Implement +patches view
  • Expose patches in bug listings and other pages

3.2.2 (February, 2010)

  • Consider patch tracking done
  • Any remaining bits must land week 1 here
  • Polish based on stake-holder feedback rest of cycle

Important Links

Outstanding Issues

For this story to be feature complete, we need to pull information about patches in external trackers into Launchpad and make this info available as part of our patch report. This is more than what can be done in the next couple months while delivering the other stories for the 4.0 cycle. The external component will be re-considered sometime after April, 2010.

For now, any bugs related to the external patch tracking story are collected here:

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