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Packaging branch simplification

Note: the following mockups do not try to fit the current implementation of bzr builder recipes or the corresponding current LP models.

Build my bugfix packaging branch

Guilherme has his own packaging branch of the Toggle project that fixes a packaging bug and would like to build and publish the resulting package in his PPA.

While viewing his branch (+guilherme/ubuntu/lucid/+...), Guilherme:

  1. Clicks on the "Build this branch" link, (MOCKUP REQUIRED)
  2. A "Build this branch to a PPA" overlay appears displaying a selection for his target PPA and a recipe selection (shown below). Guilherme selects his target PPA where he wants the package to be published. Even though there is currently no recipe for building this branch, the UI presents "Default recipe using branch packaging" (or similar). The recipe description says "This recipe simply builds the branch using the debian packaging information. Supports Ubuntu Lucid." As Guilherme doesn't have any special needs, he simply clicks "Build now".

Build now overlay

  1. The overlay disappears and the branch page is updated with a "Recent builds" portlet listing the new build and its status (MOCKUP REQUIRED), linking to (somewhere appropriate within) the PPA.


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