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Loggerhead for LP developers

Loggerhead is a web-based bazaar code browser.

Landing on trunk

Landing on trunk is done directly by committing and pushing to lp:loggerhead, but make sure you:

  1. get a review first
  2. run the test suite before committing your changes (and see that it passes)

Launchpad uses the loggerhead trunk branch for deployment.

Landing changes for Launchpad

Update utilities/sourcedeps.conf in the LP tree to make Launchpad actually use the newly landed revision.


After changes land and pass through buildbot, they will soon be available on and (do note that only the bzr projects branches are backed with the real bzr data on staging and qastaging — for testing other branches, push your stuff using bzr push lp://staging/~you/+junk/blah)


Codebrowse changes are deployed by launchpads regular 'nodowntime' deployment process.

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