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Branch Merge Queues

Branch merge queues are a way for us to continue a branch merge proposal through code review and follow it all the way into being merged into the branch, whether by a human, or a robot like Tarmac. Basically, it's PQM with Launchpad integration and without legacy arch support.

As a developer using Launchpad for development,
I want to queue merges to be handled by a bot
so that I can do more interesting work like actually writing code.


We are doing this now to reduce the pain the Launchpad team experiences in the current PQM/buildbot story. It will also provide benefits to existing users of tarmac (U1, OpenStack) by clarifying the automated merge story on Launchpad itself.


Constraints and Requirements


Nice to have

Must not



See Code/MergeQueues for user stories and planning.


How will we know when we are done?

We know we are done when U1 can completely abandon PQM for Tarmac and Merge Queues. As a side, we hope this also means that we've also satisfied all of the issues Launchpad-foundations needs, although their needs may be so specific that we can't put it squarely in Launchpad, and will have to build some external scripts (probably Tarmac plugins).

How will we measure how well we have done?

Paul would like to set up a few graphs to see this:

jml would like to see:


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