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Standard merge-proposal cover letters

When requesting a review of your branch's merge proposal, the reviewers would like you to use a standard cover letter. Actually, you should begin to fill out this cover letter right after you create a branch to work on, and before you start coding! As you have your pre-implementation calls, think about the problem, develop a test plan, and begin to implement it, fill in more information. Think of this cover letter as a roadmap to your branch.

There are two cover letter templates, but really they are the same thing. One is a quick guide containing just the headers. Use this once you're familiar with what's expected. The second is the same cover letter, but with lots of explanatory text and examples, to give you a feel for what you should include.

Just visit the appropriate page and view the raw text. Cut and paste that into a local file and have fun!

In the future, there will be a bzr plugin that makes filling out this template much more fun.

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