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Launchpad developers are strongly encouraged to conduct pre-implementation design phone calls. These calls serve a kind of virtual pair programming function, not only assisting the caller but also the callee. The calls should lead to an improvement in the design of feature and bug fix implementations.

You will be asked by your reviewer whether you conducted a pre-implementation phone call, and you are expected to include this information on your merge proposal. It is your responsibility to find a pre-implementation review buddy.

Pre-implementation calls are expected even for trivial bug fixes or features. For these, a question as simple as this can suffice: "I think this bug has a trivial fix, do you agree?".


Before starting coding on a feature, everyone should now have a brief VOIP call with another Launchpad developer. This includes the review team members - they still have to contact another developer! Here are some criteria you can use to find an appropriate buddy:

Here is the workflow for doing pre-implementation phone calls:


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