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Overview / analysis of failing bzr-svn imports

An attempt to classify persistently failing bzr-svn code imports by cause.

Bazaar does not support something present in Subversion

Unable to convert Subversion path ... because it contains characters invalid in Bazaar.

bzr-svn bugs

bzr-svn confused by read access restrictions to subtrees

This feels painful to deal with. I want to blame svn for being silly.

bzr-svn bug 638492

Fixed in bzr-svn 1.0.5dev.

CHKInventoryRepository(...) has no revision ...

Fixed in bzr-svn 1.0.5dev.


bzr-svn bug 638697

Fixed in bzr-svn 1.0.5dev.

broken svn server

[] assert svn_revprops.has_key(properties.PROP_REVISION_DATE)

bzr-svn bug 498925

This is caused by a server side bug present in the Microsoft Team Foundation Server to Subversion bridge running on

I'm inclined to close these as wontfix since they are a server side issue. Perhaps we can look into importing natively from the team foundation server using bzr-tfs ? -- jelmer

Subversion bugs

get_log REPORT failed, Subversion breaks on non-UTF8 character in log message

subversion bug 312043

get_dir PROPFIND failed, Subversion breaks on XML-tag-name-invalid character in property name

subversion bug 203975

Launchpad code bugs

Launchpad uses "guessed" layout rather than a layout that matches the requested branch

Some analysis done, culprit uncertain

get_uuid PROPFIND failed

This failure mode seems to correspond with being unable to make a successful PROPFIND against the repository root URL. This can be because:

Needs investigation

SSL Verification error: signed using insecure algorithm

Happens using "svn log" as well.

AssertionError("%d != %d" % (len(tview), tview_len))

Jelmer suggested that recreating the branch from scratch would work, but a fresh import created after the 10.09 rollout also failed the same way:

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