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OopsTools Sprint

Ursula and Diogo got together for a week to discuss improvements for One of the goals for this sprint was to have Ursula and Diogo hacking together so Ursula can become more comfortable hacking on oops-tools.

Topics discussed

User Stories

Post-sprint Analysis

After looking at these user stories, Ursula, Diogo and Gary identified high-level goals for the OOPS tools, and discussed measurable goals for OOPS tools.

High Level Goals

We believe that the distinction between exceptions and timeouts is important, because analysis and communication of these problems can be significantly different.

The user stories strongly indicate two kinds of interests for these goals. Gary had hoped to focus only on the application in its entirety, but team leads do want to us to also focus on filtering data for their teams. Because of this, we can subdivide the two big goals.

Measurable Goals

How can we measure those goals? We want to measure the quality of Launchpad's code; we should also be able to measure the quality of our impact. This can give us validation of our efforts, or encourage us to try alternate approaches.

For this discussion, an "infestation" is a database record that is associated with a few things:

OOPS -> infestation is a one to many relationship.

How do we measure error rates?

XXX The following still needs to be rewritten/expanded.

Action items

XXX discuss timeline, ordering.

XXX add discussion: - 592355 identify infestations for teams better. The following notes are not exactly pertinent, but related.

Bugs fixed during the sprint

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