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Make all bugtasks be for a productseries/distributionseries/sourcepackage

We currently require all products to have at least one series - the default one we create is called 'trunk'. If we do the same for distributions we could simplify our bug model which will make it easier to explain and optimise. The simplification would be to make all bugs be targeted to a series (of a product or distribution or sourcepackage (just Product from here on in for brevity)) rather than to either a series of a product or a product.

Contact: RobertCollins
On Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+bugs?field.tag=onlyseriestasks See also: This mailing list thread details the change and has some good discussion.

As a User
I want Launchpads bug model to be as simple as possible
so that I have less to learn but can still get what I need done done

This LEP aims to slim down what we have without sacrificing features or capabilities.

There are four main release models projects seem to use:

How this would impact each of those models:


We are considering doing this now because:


Changing our bug model in the manner proposed will have minor impact on the common case UI, but potentially dramatic impacts on the release management process. We should therefore talk with release managers and qa folk of major projects using Launchpad before committing to this design change.

 count |       name
 24333 | launchpad
 12205 | inkscape
  5833 | bzr
  4220 | openobject-addons
  4138 | ubuntuone-servers
  3645 | ubuntuone-client
  3641 | landscape
  3619 | moovida
  2916 | unity
  2670 | hundredpapercuts

Constraints and Requirements


Nice to have

Must not

Out of scope



How will we know when we are done?

How will we measure how well we have done?


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