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Project and distribution owners can share and unshare restricted/private data with users and teams.

Project and distribution owners need to see who restricted information about their project is shared with.



With the introduction of private projects and distributions, owner need a way give share to hundreds of private project artefacts.

Stakeholders need to know who they are sharing with, and in a single action, share more or unshare. This is valuable to public project with default private bug and branches--once restricted data is shared with a company team, all employees have access to company information.

e.g. Steve Magoun from OEM would like to be able to see exactly who has access to every component in his project.


User stories

Commercial stories

As a commercial project owner
I want to mark some data as proprietary that should not be shared with other projects
so that information provided in confidence is not disclosed

As a commercial project owner
I want share proprietary information with users and teams
so that my organisation and contractors can collaborate<<BR>

Canonical stories

As a member of ~canonical
I want to share everything proprietary data in my project with ~canonical
so that that members of my organisation are not blocked from collaborating<<BR>

As a member of IS
I want to add a new employee to the ~canonical team
so that that he has access to all information shared with ~canonical<<BR>

As a member of IS
I want to run remove all things shared with a former Canonical member in Canonical projects
so that that confidential data is not disclosed<<BR>

OEM stories

As a maintainer of OEM projects (~pmteam)
I want to share everything with ~oem-dev (the driver)
so that they I can delegate all development to them

As a driver OEM projects (~pmteam)
I want to share some bugs and branches with a contractor
so that he can fix the issues for us

As a maintainer of OEM projects (~pmteam)
I want to see all users who have some things shared with them
so that I can share nothing with them if they are not under contract

Ubuntu stories

As a the maintainer of Ubuntu<BR>> I want to unshare user-data with maintainer and share user-data with the apport bot
so that no human has access to personal user-data<<BR>

As a the maintainer of Ubuntu<BR>> I want to unshare security with maintainer and share user-data ~ubuntu-security
so that only trusted experts see security issues

Constraints and Requirements


  1. A lists of all the users with all or some things shared.
    The view must also show exactly how the user has access, for example: directly or via a team; as a (core?) contributor or as a user; by subscribing to some artefacts or through access to the whole project.

  2. A summary everything an user may know about the project.
    The view must also show how the user was shared: direct or via a team.

  3. A way to share everything with a user or team.
    When a owner shares with a team, the view must show who who is being shared with and how many members (person-picker).

  4. A way to unshare everything with a user or team.
    Revocation removed all subscriptions to individual artefacts be default. The owner many choose to keep some subscription so that partial access is allowed. If the user has access via a team, the view must explain how to remove either the user or the team to unshare.

Nice to have

  1. List the users who everything is shared via the owner or driver team.
    The owner may need to know about contributors as well as users. If the owner can unshare with an owner/driver, then the user must be removed from the team and assignments and subscriptions are removed too.

Must not

  1. Unsharing with a user or team must not allow the user to have some things shared.
    Revoking access to a user must remove the individual subscriptions that provide partial access.

  2. Sharing must not cede control of what is shared.
    Inclusive teams (open and delegated) may not be shared with. Inclusive teams allow anyone to choose to become a member, which undermines the owner's power to manage the information disclosure.


  1. Replace bug and branch privacy mechanism with a common way classify the data
    • private and security/branch visibility do not interact with each other or meet the needs of sharing all of a kind of restricted data.
    • Use Public, Unembargoed Security, Embargoed Security, User data to describe the existing kinds of privacy
  2. Introduce the Proprietary kind of privacy that is not multi-tenant.
  3. Introduce a choice picker that support descriptions with the terms.


  1. Viewing a list of users that the project is shared with and a summary for a single user when some things are shared.
  2. Share a kind of information with a user or team
  3. Failing to share with a team that is inclusive.
  4. Unsharing with a user with all things shared.
  5. Unsharing with a user with something things shared.
  6. Unsharing with a team with something things shared.


How will we know when we are done?

  1. An owner can see all users that restricted information is shared with.
  2. The owner can see is the information was shared to the user, via team, or via a bug or branch.
  3. The owner can see a summary of the artefacts that were shared.
  4. The owner can unshare a user and see what the user was unsubscribed from everything.

How will we measure how well we have done?

  1. All canonical projects with proprietary data are shared with ~canonical.
  2. Ubuntu only shares User Data with ~apport and Embargoed Security with ~ubuntu-security
  3. OEM projects share all kinds of data with drivers



  1. Owner, drivers, security contacts and bug supervisors are assumed to have full access.
  2. We should get a team within Canonical to beta test

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