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A wiki to provide documentation and feature planning for launchpad projects.

Contact: https://launchpad.net/~xaav/+contactuser
On Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+bugs?field.tag=wiki


Almost every open source software project needs somewhere to publish hypertext on the web. This might be for end-user system documentation, for storing notes about how developers do things, for planning out features or for things as yet undreamt of by man or woman. Case in point, this document.

When people set about starting an open source software project, or consider moving one to Launchpad, they need some place to publish this hypertext. Launchpad currently does not provide such a place, and this often makes people decide not to use Launchpad.

As such, the lack of wikis is an adoption blocker for Launchpad, particularly given that we fall behind our rivals here. Thus we should provide a wiki.

Hosting a website on launchpad creates problems with XSS attacks and other security issues. Creating a wiki would eliminate, or greatly reduce this need, because users could place their site content on the wiki.


This is a community driven project.

User stories

As a developer of an open source software project
I want a wiki
so that I can provide documentation to my users and plan my features more easily.

Constraints and Requirements


Nice to have


Must not

Out of scope



How will we measure how well we have done?


Implementation notes

Bazaar branch

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