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This page is documentation for uploaders to the Launchpad PPA.

The Launchpad PPA ( contains dependencies for running Launchpad.

Launchpad-specific packages


This package contains the lpreview_body plugin for Bazaar. The packaging can be found in lp:~launchpad/lpreview-body/packaging.


This package is a single data file, which upstream publishes updates to monthly. Why haven't we updated it since 2008?


The launchpad-dependencies source is managed in Bazaar branches at

Policy/procedure for updates:

  1. You will need bzr-builddeb and debhelper packages installed.
  2. Edit debian/control to add or change the dependencies.
  3. Set the DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME environment variables. Your name and email address must match an identity in your GPG key exactly. You may want to put this in your shell rc file so you don't have to set it manually every time.
  4. Run 'debchange -i' in the root to increment the version number and add a changelog entry in the correct format. Remember that launchpad-dependencies should not have an ubuntu1 suffix on its version number, so if debchange -i adds that for you, take it out again and increment the unsuffixed version number instead.
  5. debcommit or bzr commit
  6. Exercise personal judgment on whether your change merits a merge proposal, or is sufficiently trivial to just be committed directly.
  7. If preparing a merge proposal, please ensure your branch for review contains a complete debian/changelog entry ready for release.
  8. Go to the trunk (or older distro) branch and merge / commit or pull changes ready to build.
  9. Test-build your package:

    bzr builddeb
  10. Since the package has a Launchpad build recipe, you only need to push the branch to Launchpad:

    bzr push lp:meta-lp-deps


This is from

python-lpbuildd is used by the test suite, so is part of launchpad-developer-dependencies. launchpad-buildd itself runs an actual buildd and is only needed on slaves.

The package is built daily or on request by a recipe


?? (probably only used by parallel buildbot slaves, which are probably using the puppet fork anyway)



Backported or patched Ubuntu packages

postgresql-10, postgresql-common, postgresql-debversion, slony1-2 (trusty, xenial)

Straight backports of PostgreSQL 10 and paraphernalia from bionic to trusty. bionic's version is fine.

pgbouncer (trusty)

Trusty's pgbouncer with wgrant's ENABLE/DISABLE patch as required by For the benefit of launchpad-dependencies, the patched package additionally Provides pgbouncer-with-disconnect.

The ENABLE/DISABLE patch is included upstream in pgbouncer 1.6, so xenial's version is fine.

libgit2, git (bionic)

Various updates backported from focal for use on


Daily builds of lp:convoy with custom packaging. The packaging is based on Landscape's, but modified to install Launchpad's convoy.wsgi. Ubuntu's modern packaging uses dh-python and supports Python 3.

debian-archive-keyring (xenial, bionic, focal)

Straight backport for new Debian archive keys for gina's mirror. hirsute's version is fine.


Daily builds of lp:git-build-recipe for buildds.

Distro series support


In progress

When the supported series change, remember to also update Getting and Running.

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