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Launchpad is the main QA Tool for Launchpad

Why are we doing this?

What are we doing?

What are the risks?

How successful are we?

Process under experiment

N/A - no current experiment.

The tags

Bugs can have one of the five qa tags:

The bugs for bad commits also have


qa-tagger is a script running from ~lpqateam on devpad which monitors the main Launchpad branches, and handles the new revisions as explained below:

[1] Testfixes need to be separated commits. They're ignored, so should be really only testfixes. Do not commit bug fixes along with testfixes.

[2] Be careful when writing your commit message. If you use ec2test script, it should automatically add the bug number to the commit message. If you don't, and you forget to add it manually, the script will try to find out if the bug number is mentioned in the merged branch nick or if the merged branch has linked bugs. If everything fails, bzzt, your commit goes to /dev/null. So, if your branch needs QA, be sure to add the bug numbers, all of them, to the commit message, and link them to your branch in Launchpad, otherwise it will fall into oblivion. The script isn't creating bugs to orphaned commits because we QA bugs, not branches, and by creating bugs for each branch we're possibly filing a bunch of invalid bugs, that will take some time to be triaged. (Hopefully) most orphaned commits in fact don't need any QA.


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