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Policy Statement

  1. We put "XXX" in our code in a specific format to denote areas requiring follow up.
    • Python

      # XXX: SteveAlexander YYYY-MM-DD bug=NNNN: Comment here.
    • TAL

      <tal:XXX condition="nothing">YYYYMMDD mpt: Comment here.</tal:XXX>
      • The XXX cannot be followed by a colon here, because that would be an XML error. And if the XXX was put inside the element instead, that would make the code longer and XXXes a bit harder to find. (See also bug 120005, "Page template comment syntax is too verbose".)

    • Consider filing a bug or spec for an XXX.
    • Our current tools use the following regex (XXX:?|TODO|FIXME) which means XXX will be found even if it does not have a colon.

    • TODO comments are permitted in the same format. See Zope's comments on this.

    • FIXME items should be listed as XXX.
  2. Reviewers will not approve code that does not follow this format.
  3. Developers when modifying code which contains an XXX block should strive to resolve the XXX if possible.




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