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How to use this template

This template is for tracking what's going on with your project, especially a Launchpad feature under development. Use it to let you, your squad, the Product team and the rest of the Launchpad dev community know what's going on with your project.


See also $PROJECT bug tag

Squad started: $DATE
Current week: $NUMBER
Next checkpoint: $DATE


Link to relevant LEPs

Out of scope

If needed, especially if multiple LEPs


List anything known. Otherwise leave section included & blank.

Special actions

This section is for actions that need to be taken that are more unusual than actual development work. Often involve interaction with the product team


Whatever you need to keep track of deliverables. An example, including some common ones is included below. Deliverables often correspond to a group of user stories or a single user story



Expected date


Signed off LEPs


Feature documentation

Blog post


Any random stuff related to the project.

Consider also adding:

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