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Mailing Lists

This page collects notes and thoughts on how to improve the mailing list experience for Launchpad 4.0.


  1. It takes too many clicks to subscribe to a mailing list
  2. Mailing lists are tied too closely to teams
  3. It is confusing that teams have multiple ways to be contacted, and even if you create a mailing list for a team, you still then have to select the mailing list as the team's contact address, or messages to the team will not be forwarded to the list.

Use Cases


Top short term UI improvements we can make before an LP4.0 major redesign:

  1. AJAXify subscriptions to provide one-click join-team-and-subscribe

  2. AJAXify one-click unsubscribes

  3. Show lists you're a member of on your index page

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