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Release Checklist

Releasing a new package (whether part of Launchpad or not) involves many of the same steps each time.

[BAW: Note that in the fine tradition of PEP 101, you should debug these instructions each time you actually make a release.]

[BAW: Note that the instructions here are pretty specific to releasing Python packages. I think it will make more sense to separate this out based on language, since other languages will have their own way of doing things. I anticipate most of our releases being Python, so that's what I'm describing here.]

First steps

You will want to make sure your Python package is available on the Cheeseshop (a.k.a. Python Package Index or PyPI). You need to register yourself with PyPI so that you can upload packages. I thought you could do this from the command line, but I'm not able to find it. In the meantime:

First release only:

Follow CreatingNewProjects.

All releases (first and subsequent):

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