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Note: barry's logs are garbled due to irc client stupidity; he missed quite a bit of the meeting.


Jan 14 10:00:19 <barry> #startmeeting
Jan 14 10:00:38 <barry> mooooootbooottt!
Jan 14 10:00:53 <barry> anyway, welcome everyone to this week's ameu reveiwer's meeting.  who's here today?
Jan 14 10:00:58 <abentley>      me
Jan 14 10:00:59 <bac>   me
Jan 14 10:01:01 <mars>  me
Jan 14 10:01:01 <EdwinGrubbs>   me
Jan 14 10:01:01 <sinzui>        me
Jan 14 10:01:02 <adeuring>      me
Jan 14 10:01:04 <flacoste>      me
Jan 14 10:01:08 <gary_poster>   me
Jan 14 10:02:00 <allenap>       me
Jan 14 10:02:31 <adeuring>      barry: shouting at machines can have bad side-effects:
Jan 14 10:02:48 <barry> adeuring: will check that out later :)
Jan 14 10:03:19 <danilos>       me
Jan 14 10:03:21 <barry> [TOPIC] agenda
Jan 14 10:03:27 <barry>  * Roll call
Jan 14 10:03:27 <barry>  * mars to stop ocr, will review js on call until more reviewers are trained
Jan 14 10:03:27 <barry>  * Peanut gallery (anything not on the agenda)
Jan 14 10:03:27 <barry>  * Action items
Jan 14 10:03:27 <barry>  * Mentoring update
Jan 14 10:03:54 <barry> [TOPIC]  * mars to stop ocr, will review js on call until more reviewers are trained
Jan 14 10:04:34 <barry> so.  mars is going to stop doing regular ocr for a while, but he will be doing js reviews on call.  this will last until we have more js reviewers trained up to spread the load
Jan 14 10:04:54 *       kfogel ( has joined #launchpad-meeting
Jan 14 10:05:02 <barry> my only concern is ocr coverage for thursdays
Jan 14 10:05:10 <mars>  well, we have experienced JS reviewers - they're just spread out :)
Jan 14 10:05:11 <barry> since there's no euro coverage on thursdays
Jan 14 10:05:20 <barry> mars: ah
Jan 14 10:05:26 <danilos>       mars: are you really happy with allowing review requests to come at any time? that might be a bit hard on you
Jan 14 10:06:01 <danilos>       (i.e. I'd suggest keeping a time slot as well, and allowing pre-arrangements in other cases)
Jan 14 10:06:04 <mars>  danilos, I find myself doing so anyway, for the YUI integration.  Ironcially, I hope that this frees up more time to code :)
Jan 14 10:06:17 <danilos>       mars: right, if that's the case, go for it :)
Jan 14 10:06:59 <barry> if thursday ocr coverage is a problem, maybe we can talk intellectronica into coming back from sabbatical
Jan 14 10:07:29 <barry> or shuffle people around once we have a few more graduations (we have 4 mentats now)
Jan 14 10:08:10 <barry> any other thoughts on this?
Jan 14 10:09:32 <barry> [TOPIC]  * Peanut gallery (anything not on the agenda)
Jan 14 10:09:46 <barry> do you have anything on your mind that's not on the agenda?
Jan 14 10:11:03 <barry> okay!
Jan 14 10:11:11 <barry> [TOPIC]  * Action items
Jan 14 10:11:23 <barry> i have not done my two action items :/
Jan 14 10:11:29 <barry>  * flacoste to work on API reviewer cheat sheet
Jan 14 10:12:23 <barry> okay!
Jan 14 10:12:31 <barry> [TOPIC] mentoring update
Jan 14 10:12:49 <barry> any comments from mentors or mentats?  any graduations imminent? :)
Jan 14 10:13:51 *       barry taps the mic and asks "is this thing on?"
Jan 14 10:14:45 <barry> well, anyway, that's all i've got.  trying to keep the meeting short and sweet.
Jan 14 10:15:01 <barry> any last minute comments?
Jan 14 10:16:40 <barry> okaythen!
Jan 14 10:16:43 <barry> #endmeeting

Jan 14 10:24:31 <mars>  LP's simple_sendmail can't be blamed for that :)
Jan 14 10:24:41 <sinzui>        abentley: There is a mythical branch from spiv two years ago that would handle that.
Jan 14 10:24:58 <abentley>      barry: I think it would be much better to make "bzr send" do what we need than invent our own quirky thing that is kinda the same.
Jan 14 10:25:33 <barry> barry_: your irc client sucks
Jan 14 10:25:39 <barry_>        barry: i know :(
Jan 14 10:25:47 <mars>  LOL
Jan 14 10:26:18 <abentley>      mars: Python's email module supports unicode headers when used correctly.
Jan 14 10:26:36 <mars>  ah
Jan 14 10:26:40 <danilos>       we'll get to see how it all works once I give it a try :)
Jan 14 10:26:55 <abentley>      mars: It's just a bit of a hassle to use it correctly.
Jan 14 10:27:05 <barry> abentley: send would have to grow some hook points perhaps.  e.g. to do the lint checking and cover.txt prompting, etc.  is that feasible?
Jan 14 10:27:13 <mars>  danilos, it sends the mail and such, but you get this wayward mail after-the-fact.
Jan 14 10:27:29 <abentley>      barry: I think so.
Jan 14 10:27:33 <mars>  danilos, maybe it's trying to archive the mail or something when it blows up
Jan 14 10:27:52 <danilos>       mars: right, I'll pay close attention to see what's happening once I get to it
Jan 14 10:28:16 <barry> abentley: cool.  here's to hoping there's a week 0 soon :)
Jan 14 10:29:35 <barry> shall we move on to other topics?
Jan 14 10:30:17 <barry> [TOPIC] action items
Jan 14 10:30:25 <barry> i have made no progress on my two
Jan 14 10:30:35 <barry> flacoste: any progress on API reviewer cheat sheet?
Jan 14 10:31:47 <flacoste>      barry, no i suck
Jan 14 10:31:54 <barry> no worries :)
Jan 14 10:31:58 <flacoste>      well
Jan 14 10:31:59 <flacoste>      i should
Jan 14 10:32:10 <flacoste>      sucking like that 4 meeting in a row isn't good
Jan 14 10:32:13 <flacoste>      i should do it
Jan 14 10:32:18 <barry> flacoste: kfogel has been making a lot of great progress on the dev wiki
Jan 14 10:32:18 <flacoste>      or either find somebody else to do it
Jan 14 10:32:26 <flacoste>      i saw
Jan 14 10:32:56 <kfogel>        oh, barry et al: I meant to ask if people are happy with the direction in the dev wiki
Jan 14 10:32:56 <barry> cool.  we'll just keep it on the agenda for now anyway
Jan 14 10:33:32 <barry> kfogel: in general, yes.  i found it a bit hard to find the pages i was looking for, but mostly because they'd been renamed (not that that reorg is a bad thing)
Jan 14 10:33:53 <barry> kfogel: i think the thing that would /really/ help me is some progress on the outstanding dev wiki usability bugs
Jan 14 10:34:00 <kfogel>        barry: yes, sorry.  I'm aiming it at the newcomers, not us; the inconvenience should be temporary.
Jan 14 10:34:12 <kfogel>        barry: oh -- are these filed issues?  (I can search for them?)
Jan 14 10:34:41 <barry> kfogel: oh, that's totally fine.  i'll get used to it.  yes, iirc they're all on the launchpad-docs project, but double check w/ mrevell
Jan 14 10:34:50 <kfogel>        *nod*
Jan 14 10:34:51 <kfogel>        will do
Jan 14 10:34:55 <barry> thx!
Jan 14 10:35:06 <barry> [TOPIC] mentoring update
Jan 14 10:35:26 <barry> any updates from mentors or mentats?  any graduations imminent? :)
Jan 14 10:36:01 <allenap>       I think adeuring is due to graduate... he's pretty hot on reviews.
Jan 14 10:36:22 <adeuring>      allenap: thanks :)
Jan 14 10:36:22 <barry> excellent
Jan 14 10:36:41 <barry> allenap: send me an email and i'll make it official
Jan 14 10:36:52 <allenap>       barry: Cool, okay :)
Jan 14 10:38:31 <barry> great!  well, that's all i have today.  unless you have anything else, we can break now and i can spend the next 3.79 hours trying to figure out why xchat is so horribly broken for me now, and then another 6.12 days switching to irc-in-emacs only to punt on it all and stick with <cough>colloquy</cough>
Jan 14 10:39:20 <gary_poster>   barry: <mutter>that's what I'm using :-D </mutter>
Jan 14 10:39:32 <barry> :)
Jan 14 10:39:52 <barry> gary_poster: maybe i should use irooms on my iphone :)
Jan 14 10:40:00 <gary_poster>   heh
Jan 14 10:40:23 <barry> okay then!
Jan 14 10:40:26 <barry> #endmeeting

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