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[15:00] <bac> #startmeeting
[15:00] <MootBot> Meeting started at 09:00. The chair is bac.
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[15:00] <bac> hi all.  welcome to the AMEU reviewer's meeting.  who is here today?
[15:00] <sinzui> me
[15:00] <mars> me
[15:00] <bigjools> me
[15:00] <cprov> me
[15:01] <abentley> me
[15:01] <gary_poster> me
[15:01] <adeuring> me
[15:01] <leonardr> me
[15:02] <jtv> me
[15:03] <bac> bigjools, noodles775, BjornT, deryck: ping
[15:03] <rockstar> ni!
[15:03] <intellectronica> me
[15:03]  * bigjools thinks bac can't read
[15:03] <bac> allenap, gmb, salgado: ping
[15:03] <bac> bigjools: sorry
[15:03] <bigjools> :)
[15:04] <intellectronica> bac: gmb is on leave today
[15:04] <allenap> me
[15:04] <bac> EdwinGrubbs: meeting ping
[15:04] <noodles775_> me
[15:04] <bac> who've i missed?  danilo and henning send their regrets.
[15:05] <bac> [TOPIC] agenda
[15:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  agenda
[15:05] <bac> * Roll call
[15:05] <bac> * Barry out for two weeks. Brad to chair the meeting.
[15:05] <bac> * Reviewer Meeting summary to launchpad-dev list? - bac
[15:05] <bac> * Action items
[15:05] <bac> * Mentoring update (leondardr/rockstar)
[15:05] <bac> * Peanut gallery (anything not on the agenda)
[15:05] <bac> [TOPIC] * Barry out for two weeks. Brad to chair the meeting.
[15:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  * Barry out for two weeks. Brad to chair the meeting.
[15:06] <bac> if that wasn't obvious already...
[15:06] <gary_poster> :-)
[15:06] <bac> [TOPIC] * Reviewer Meeting summary to launchpad-dev list? - bac
[15:06] <MootBot> New Topic:  * Reviewer Meeting summary to launchpad-dev list? - bac
[15:06] <rockstar> bac, +1
[15:06] <gary_poster> +1
[15:06] <mars> +1
[15:06] <bac> last week barry sent the meeting summary to the old list.  all agree we should move?
[15:06] <bigjools> yes
[15:07] <bac> rather than vote are there any objections?
=== noodles775_ is now known as noodles775
[15:07] <rockstar> Lots of people outside our development community are interested in our coding standards, etc.
[15:07] <intellectronica> i think we shouldn't email it but rather put it in the wiki
[15:07] <bac> rockstar: yeah, i think it was just an oversight.
[15:07] <intellectronica> but if we continue emailing then yes, the new list makes sense
[15:07] <bac> intellectronica: it will be on the wiki too
[15:07] <gary_poster> urg.  I guess I can subscribe.  I like the email vector.
[15:07] <bigjools> -1 for meeting notes in the wiki, +1 for up-to-date coding standards
[15:07] <rockstar> intellectronica, but we put the logs on different pages, so you can't subscribe to the wiki changes.
[15:08] <gary_poster> oh good point
[15:08] <bac> bigjools: the notes have always been on the wiki, no?
[15:08] <mars> bigjools, easier said than done.  We have a very large set of standards :)
[15:08] <bac>
[15:08] <bigjools> and larger meeting notes :)
[15:08] <intellectronica> rockstar, gary_poster: fair enough. if people like getting the emails then it makes sense to continue with that
[15:09] <bac> bigjools: so you want to take an action item to clean up the coding standards page?
[15:09] <bigjools> I assume you're joking
[15:10] <gary_poster> lol
[15:10] <bac> well it was your suggestion..
[15:10] <bac> [TOPIC] * Action items
[15:10] <MootBot> New Topic:  * Action items
[15:10] <allenap> rockstar: You can subscribe to the wiki with a regex.
[15:10] <gary_poster> oh, that's good to know!
[15:10] <bac> * gary_poster to take importfascist and rSP() discussion to ml
[15:10] <rockstar> allenap, yeah, but then you have two problems.
[15:10] <gary_poster> lol
[15:10] <allenap> :)
[15:10] <bigjools> lol
[15:10] <bac> gary_poster: i suspect you didn't get to that while at OSCON
[15:10] <gary_poster> bac: I am writing that email as we speak.  I'll send it out this morning.
[15:10] <rockstar> Can we just take that action item off.  I think it's been around for 6 months now.
[15:11] <bac> gary_poster: great.
[15:11] <gary_poster> (was hoping to get it done by the meeting)
[15:11] <rockstar> :)
[15:11] <gary_poster> sorry rockstar, ack :-(
[15:11] <bac> * barry to update wiki about sponsoring contributions and take RFC to the mailing list
[15:11] <bac> i don't think barry did this.
[15:11] <rockstar> gary_poster, it apparently was important to any of us either.  Not your fault.  :)
[15:11] <gary_poster> :-)
[15:12] <bac> since barry is out for two weeks, would anyone like to volunteer to go ahead and take care of the sponsoring write up and ML discussion?
[15:13] <bac> would anyone like to volunteer karl?
[15:13] <gary_poster> lol we all can do that together!
[15:13] <gary_poster> I propose that we all collectively nominate call
[15:13] <gary_poster> objections?
[15:13] <bac> i'll see if karl will take the task or take care of it.
[15:13] <gary_poster> karl I mean
[15:14] <bac> [ACTION] bac to ask karl to write the sponsorship process page and ML discussion
[15:14] <MootBot> ACTION received:  bac to ask karl to write the sponsorship process page and ML discussion
[15:14] <bac> [TOPIC] * Mentoring update (leondardr/rockstar)
[15:14] <MootBot> New Topic:  * Mentoring update (leondardr/rockstar)
[15:14] <bac> leonardr is the only mentor at the moment.  how's it going?
=== salgado_ is now known as salgado
[15:15] <leonardr> bac: no complaints
[15:15] <mars> leonardr, how's the volume?
[15:15] <bac> i've had good reviews from leonardr and got to mentor one of his yesterday.
[15:16] <bac> moving along...
[15:16] <bac> [TOPIC] * Peanut gallery (anything not on the agenda)
[15:16] <MootBot> New Topic:  * Peanut gallery (anything not on the agenda)
[15:17] <bac> anyone have an issue to discuss?
[15:17] <bac> community contributor reviews going ok?
[15:17] <wgrant> (I think they're going well.)
[15:17]  * gary_poster missed how that works.  will have to search wiki...
[15:17] <bac> welcome wgrant
[15:18] <bac> thanks for your contributions!
[15:18] <noodles775> bigjools: did you find an easy way to submit community-contributed branches?
[15:18] <wgrant> Hi bac.
[15:18] <bac> gary_poster: there was a good discussion on the ML last week
[15:18]  * wgrant thanks bigjools and gmb for the swift reviews.
[15:18] <gary_poster> bac: ok, cool, thanks, I'll look for it
[15:18] <bigjools> noodles775: nothing easy, we need to hack pqm-submit
[15:19]  * bigjools thanks wgrant for his contributions
[15:19] <adeuring> i'd like to add andrea-bs, who also submitted good stuff
[15:19] <mars> cool
[15:20] <bac> thanks adeuring for the recognition.
[15:20] <bac> anything else?
[15:20] <bac> 5
[15:20] <bac> 4
[15:20] <bac> 3
[15:20] <bac> 2
[15:20] <bac> 1
[15:20] <bac> thanks everyone for coming.
[15:21] <jtv> thanks bac!
[15:21] <bac> #endmeeting
[15:21] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 09:21.


Since jml was on leave and there was nothing substantial to report from the AMEU meeting it was quickly decided by Michael, Tim, and Brad to not have the asiapac meeting.  

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