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14:02] <bac> #startmeeting
[14:02] <MootBot> Meeting started at 09:02. The chair is bac.
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[14:02] <bac> sorry i'm late
[14:02] <bac> welcome to the LP Reviewers meeting.  who is here today?
[14:02] <gary_poster> me!  me!  me!
[14:02] <bac> hi gary_poster!
[14:02] <gary_poster> hi :-)
[14:03] <gary_poster> leonardr, mars, salgado reviewer's mtg
[14:03] <salgado> me
[14:03] <leonardr> me
[14:03] <mars> me
[14:03] <EdwinGrubbs> Me
[14:03] <deryck> me
[14:03]  * gmb , allenap and abel are sprinting
[14:03] <bac> gmb: thanks
[14:03] <bac> danilos, bigjools: ping
[14:04] <bac> sinzui: ping
[14:04] <sinzui> me
[14:04] <danilos> bac, sorry, sprinting
[14:04] <bac> danilos: ok
[14:04] <danilos> (along with the rest of translations team)
[14:05] <bac> abentley: ping
[14:05] <abentley> me
[14:05] <bac> flacoste: hi
[14:05] <bac> [topic] agenda
[14:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  agenda
[14:05] <bac>  * Roll call
[14:05] <bac>  * Agenda
[14:05] <bac>  * Outstanding actions
[14:05] <bac>  * New topics
[14:05] <bac>  * Peanut gallery
[14:05] <flacoste> hi bac
[14:06] <bac> sorry for the confusion over the time.  going forward it is at 1400UTC and i believe is correct on our google calendar
[14:06] <bac> [topic] outstanding actions
[14:06] <MootBot> New Topic:  outstanding actions
[14:06] <bac> [topic] * rockstar to update bugs to reflect new naming convention and will update the style guide
[14:06] <MootBot> New Topic:  * rockstar to update bugs to reflect new naming convention and will update the style guide
[14:07] <bac> is rockstar here?
[14:07] <bac> i'll check with him in the ASIAPAC meeting
[14:07] <bac> [topic] * bac to update wiki re: interim status of community reviewers and committers
[14:07] <MootBot> New Topic:  * bac to update wiki re: interim status of community reviewers and committers
[14:07] <bac> i have not done this.  :(
[14:07] <bac> i did talk to andrewsinclair yesterday but he deferred any opinion to amanda
[14:08] <bac> i've been trying to talk to her on IRC but haven't been successful
[14:08] <bac> so, i'll keep this item around
[14:08] <bac> and, for some very welcome news
[14:08] <bac> [topic]  * leonardr to create an example for automated lplib tests in the launchpad tree.  (revisit 24-Mar).
[14:08] <MootBot> New Topic:   * leonardr to create an example for automated lplib tests in the launchpad tree.  (revisit 24-Mar).
[14:09] <leonardr> hello
[14:09] <leonardr> i just landed the branch that demonstrates this
[14:09] <leonardr> take a look in lib/canonical/launchpad/pagetests/webservice/launchpadlib.txt
[14:09] <bigjools> me
[14:09] <leonardr> there's a Launchpad object available as 'launchpad'
[14:10] <leonardr> so you can just do this:
[14:10] <leonardr>   >>> print
[14:10] <leonardr>   salgado
[14:10] <bac> leonardr: is it easy to get a non-salgado person or an anonymous one?
[14:11] <leonardr> bac: you'd have to set it up in, similar to anon_browser and anon_webservice
[14:11] <leonardr> anonymous access would be easy. i don't know about non-salgado access, because i don't know if there are oauth credentials set up for non-salgado users
[14:11] <noodles775> me
[14:11] <bac> ok.  i think it's be useful, especially since we have had problems getting some collections for anonymous access
[14:12] <leonardr> yeah, anonymous is easy
[14:12] <bac> thanks a lot leonardr for setting this up.  it'll help close a big gap in our testing.
[14:13] <leonardr> sure
[14:13] <sinzui> I would like to move webservice/* tests out of stories. but I do not know where to.
[14:13] <bigjools> I fear for the performance but that's a separate topic for another day
[14:14]  * sinzui wonders is interfaces/tests is better, or api/tests
[14:15] <bac> we have no new items on the agenda
[14:15] <bac> [topic] peanuts
[14:15] <MootBot> New Topic:  peanuts
[14:15] <bac> any one have a discussion topic?
[14:16] <bac> going once...
[14:16] <bac> twice...
[14:16] <bac> oh, i do!
[14:16] <bac> thanks to abentley for the reminder about +activereviews.  please do your part to land or change the status of those festering branches.
[14:16] <noodles775> heh
[14:17] <bac> thanks for coming everyone.  have a good day.
[14:17] <bac> #endmeeting
[14:17] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 09:17.


[21:31] <bac> thumper, mwhudson, rockstar : ping
[21:31] <thumper> hi
[21:31] <bac> hey y'all around for a quick meeting?
[21:32] <mwhudson> bac: hi
[21:32] <thumper> yep
[21:32] <bac> mwhudson: you'll be please i found a 'flood control' setting on my irc client that was not set up right.  hope to not repeat the flooding.
[21:33] <bac> the big news from today's AMEU meeting came from leonard
[21:33] <bac> he just landed a branch that has an example of how to write launchpadlib tests that get run in our test suite
[21:33] <bac> that's something we've been needing for a good long time
[21:34] <mwhudson> ah cool
[21:34] <bac> "take a look in lib/canonical/launchpad/pagetests/webservice/launchpadlib.txt"
[21:34] <bac> there is a 'launchpad' object that is connected as salgado
[21:35] <thumper> that location makes me sad
[21:35]  * rockstar i here
[21:35]  * thumper wishes for lp/services/webservice/doc or something
[21:35] <bac> thumper: yeah, sinzui was asking for a better place to put webservice tests
[21:35] <bac> hi rockstar
[21:36] <rockstar> thumper, the type of test is what makes me sad
[21:36] <bac> leonard said it would be trivial to have a lp object for anonymous testing.  he didn't commit to doing it right away so it's open.
[21:36] <bac> and bigjools is sad that the tests will probably be slow
[21:36] <thumper> we'll make sure it works in unit tests well :)
[21:36] <bac> we sure are a gloomy lot
[21:36] <rockstar> thumper, yes, yes we will.
[21:36] <rockstar> bac, :)
[21:37] <bac> hey rockstar you have an outstanding action item...the details of which i cannot remember.  do you?
[21:37] <rockstar> bac, yes, and they are done.
[21:37] <thumper> this is what makes me more sad: "pre-authenticated with salgado's permissions"
[21:37] <thumper> why do we insist on continuing with sample data tests?
[21:37] <bac> cool, rockstar.  remind us of what you did
[21:37] <rockstar> bac, basically, I needed to change the Javascript coding standards for the new module names.
[21:37] <mwhudson> particularly given that salgado is an admin in the sample data!!
[21:38] <bac> ah, right.  did you file a bunch of bugs?
[21:38] <thumper> :((
[21:38] <rockstar> ^^ sad and fat?
[21:38] <thumper> rockstar: just really sad
[21:38] <bac> thumper would you like to voice your sadness on the ML?
[21:39] <thumper> sure
[21:39] <rockstar> bac, also, launchpad-ui-reviewers is a good team to use to remind yourself to go find a ui reviewer.
[21:39] <bac> it's not ideal but i'm glad we've gotten something we can automate
[21:39] <rockstar> No one on the team is going to just pick up the requested review, so it's solely up to the reviewee to go find a specific person on the team.
[21:40] <bac> ok
[21:40] <rockstar> bac, can I suggest one thing?
[21:40] <bac> rockstar: so it's only nominally better than looking at a wiki page
[21:40] <bac> sure
[21:41] <rockstar> bac, so, I have found that the general attitude of the on call reviewer has kinda started feeling like review lackey recently.
[21:41] <rockstar> People just come into #launchpad-reviews, pop themselves on the queue, and then disappear.
[21:42] <bac> rockstar: well, if you don't agree to it beforehand they are supposed to stick around
[21:42] <bac> and you're free to drop their review if they aren't going to be around for interaction
[21:42] <rockstar> I think a nice reminder that it's the submitter's responsibility to get a review and not the reviewer's job to just figure it out.
[21:42] <bac> it's a good thing to bring up
[21:43] <rockstar> bac, yes, I know that.  Community contributions tend to have this issue more than anyone else, but I think a gentle reminder might be helpful.
[21:43] <bac> ok
[21:43] <bac> rockstar: i'll send out an email to lp-dev
[21:43] <rockstar> Last week I came into my review day and saw that 9 people were on a queue that had no OCR.
[21:44] <bac> rockstar: and i've found people in the queue with no MP in +activereviews
[21:44] <bac> it's anarchy!
[21:44] <rockstar> bac, yeah, it's gotten a little messy.  Just a reminder of the social contracts would be helpful.
[21:44] <bac> good idea.
[21:45] <bac> any other topics?
[21:45] <bac> ok, thanks for coming.  see you next week.
[21:45] <thumper> nope
[21:45] <thumper> thanks bac
[21:45] <rockstar> Thanks bac!

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