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developers onto the review team. Every "mentat" (new reviewer) is assigned a
mentor (experienced reviewer) to help guide them through the process. Mentats
do the reviews and the mentor reviews the mentat's review. When the mentor
and review team lead agree that the mentat is ready to leave the nest, the
mentat is graduated and becomes a full-fledged reviewer.

The list of reviewers and their on-call schedule is [[ReviewerSchedule||available here]].
developers onto the review team.
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We have on-demand reviewer meetings on a public IRC channel. One
meeting is for Antipodeans, and the other is for Europeans and Americans.

 * ReviewerMeetingAgenda


All changes to Launchpad need to be reviewed and approved by a reviewer. Most changes should have that reviewer be someone other than the author of the change. Changes made by a reviewer who is confident that the risk of the change being harmful is less than the cost of having it reviewed may be landed without a second reviewers feedback. Our goal is for every Launchpad developer to also be a reviewer, and to that end we have a mentoring process to initiate new developers onto the review team.

Here are resources we've established to help reviewers:

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