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Fixing bug 34086

There's a few options:

A new architecture type

Instead of borrowing "i386" as an arch-all architecture, we could have a "archall" architecture (albeit special-cased) thus allowing us to give arch:all packages their own BPBs (Binary Package Build) and only garbage-collect them when the source is superseded

  • Can make better use of the build farm by removing nominatedarchindep and building on all architectures.
  • Difficult and time-consuming to implement
Dominate in binary groupings

Only dominate all a source's binaries in one DAS all at once, or not at all. Effectively, this is preventing the arch:all from being dominated too early when other binaries in the same DAS cannot be dominated yet.

  • Easy-ish to implement;
  • requires thought about performance degradation
  • Another special case;
  • doesn't head in the "right" direction as above;
  • potentially leaves some binaries hanging around longer than necessary
Track dependencies in the packages

Reference count dependencies on arch:all binaries and only dominate when the reference count is zero.

  • Overcomes the limitation of the previous solution where binaries linger longer than necessary
  • Considerably harder to implement
Delay domination of arch-all binary

Don't dominate the arch-all binary until all the other non-arch-all binaries for the same source are superseded.

  • Doesn't leave archive bloat as bad as dominating in groups
  • should be quick and easy to implement
  • Another special case
  • possible performance issues

See also what Debian did:

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