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Overall Summary

Summary: We want to enable Archive Administrators to bulk-review larger batches of uploads - using keyboard navigation if desired - organising all the relevant information for the decision in the one place and providing all the required functionality of the current ftpmaster-tools queue script.


Current goals (still fluctuating. Once these have settled, add a bug for each):

We will know we have finished when...

...archive administrators prefer the Launchpad queue UI over the ftpmaster-tools queue script.

Release Note


There have been a number of UI refactorings for the upload queue page, but so far we have not managed to provide archive administrators with something with which they are happy to use.

See Upload queue page purpose and use-cases


User Interface

A mock to come...


Code Changes

Schema Changes


Unresolved issues

In this section list out any issues which are unresolved and will impact or block the implementation of this spec.

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