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Soyuz Upload Processing

The very first step in upload processing is actually receiving packages from contributors. This is done with a Twisted daemon called txpkgupload, which is both an FTP and SFTP server. It runs on pepo, the Ubuntu machine, and haetae, the PPA machine.


To upload a package with FTP you have two ways:

  1. For uploading to a PPA: dput ppa:lpuserid/ppaname my_source.changes

  2. Create a dput config for flexibility. In your ~/ file, add:

    •    [dogfood]
         fqdn =
         method = ftp
         incoming = ubuntu/
         login = anonymous
         allow_unsigned_uploads = 0

      This allows you to type dput dogfood my_source.changes and it uploads to the dogfood target in the config.

For SFTP uploading there is no shortcut and you always need to create a

This has actually created a shortcut so you can type: dput ppa-sftp:lpuserid/ppaname my_source.changes

txpkgupload is configured with a txpkgupload.yaml file, including the destination directory for uploaded files - let's call that $INCOMING for now. txpkgupload has a bit of magic in it and it will autocreate directories as the [S]FTP client does a CWD command. The destination directory has a very specific layout of sub-directories like this:


or for PPA uploads:


Everything after the directory under the upload-[s]ftp-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-NNNNNN/ is controlled by the uploading user - it allows them to set whether it's a distribution upload or a PPA upload. This is controlled from the that you set.

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