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This page is an introduction to writing and running web service (API) test.

Writing web service tests

Webservices are tests using doctests.

They are more like integration tests, than unit tests.

Unit tests should we added in the model.

Testing with launchpadlib

This is the recommended way of testing webservices. Documentation can be found at canonical/launchpad/pagetests/webservice/launchpadlib.txt

Testing the webservices using the ''raw'' access

In case some functionality can not be tested using launchpadlib, you can use the helpers described in this section.


Default get method data can be retrieved using webservice.get(URL).jsonBody()

    >>> es = anon_webservice.get('/+languages/es').jsonBody()
    >>> es['resource_type_link']
    >>> print es['text_direction']
    Left to Right
    >>> print es['code']

Custom get methods:

    >>> permissions = user_webservice.named_get(
    ...     URL, METHODNAME, PARAMETER1=VALUE1,...).jsonBody()


For post we have webservice.post and webservice.named_post

  >>> print webservice.named_post(
  HTTP/1.1 201 Created


  >>> patch = {u'milestone_link': webservice.getAbsoluteUrl(
  ...                                 '/debian/+milestone/3.1')}
  >>> print webservice.patch(bugtask_path, 'application/json', dumps(patch))
  HTTP/1.1 209 Content Returned...


    >>> response = webservice.delete('/~eric/fooix/feature-branch')
    >>> print response
    HTTP/1.1 200 Ok

Testing from withing a web browser

* You can access the API from a web browser using your current cookie authentication by using https://launchpad.test/api/devel/ instead of https://api.launchpad.test/devel/

* For anonymous access you can try curl http://launchpad.test/api/devel/+languages

Security checks

If the permissions are already checked in the Browser code, there is no need to test them again in the Webservices.

Add only specific Webservices security checks.

Available callers

There are a couple of already configured webservice callers:


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