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Translations-Bazaar integration

There are several things that need to be done to integrate Rosetta with Bazaar:

These are preliminary notes from the call: they need to be further discussed inside the Translations team, and separate blueprints filed along with estimation of task costs.


Import translation files from a branch

  1. Add ProductSeries.translation_sync_level = TEMPLATE | TEMPLATE_AND_TRANSLATIONS

    • or Product.translation_sync_level (i.e. for maintainers to decide on whether to import only POT or both POT and PO files)
  2. Choose a branch to work on: act when branch-scanner gives us the branch ID.
  3. Branch ID is passed to the, where we figure out the product and series it's relevant to (only one branch per series)
  4. Get branch and make use of bzrlib to access all the latest files and figure out which ones we need, then directly append them to translation_import_queue
  5. Testing all this is going to be a bit involved (how best to do it?)


Commit PO files to a branch

For the simple case of overwriting existing files during commit, we'd need to do the following:

  1. Add ProductSeries.translation_branch for commits (can be any of the existing branches, including the series one [default], but has to be hosted in Launchpad)

  2. A Rosetta export job to export anything that has changed since the last export (contention issues?), and with that data available, prepare for commit
  3. Allow loganberry/forster access to bazaar branch storage (to be able to commit)
  4. Do the commit of the new translation files
  5. Push the branch if it's needed


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