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Translation Templates from Branch

This is an attempt to guide you through a manual test of the nascent mechanism to produce translation templates based on a bzr branch.

It still needs lots of work.


Enabling local branch access

mkdir -p /var/tmp/ppa /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.test/static

There's a bug somewhere in Windmill that may break access to local branches through http. This bug is scheduled to be fixed soon.

To see if this is biting you, look in your Apache error log (/var/log/apache2/error.log) for a traceback ending with something like this (your home directory and the version numbers will vary):

  File "/home/me/canonical/lp-sourcedeps/eggs/windmill-1.3beta3_lp_r1440-py2.5.egg/windmill/dep/_mozrunner/", line 42, in <module>
    def findInPath(fileName, path=os.environ['PATH']):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 22, in __getitem__
    raise KeyError(key)
KeyError: 'PATH'

Near the top of the traceback you'll find mention of a Launchpad branch, probably canonical/lp-branches/devel or canonical/lp-branches/trunk. From that branch, remove two imports:

from windmill.authoring import WindmillTestClient

from windmill.bin.admin_lib import (
    start_windmill, teardown as windmill_teardown)

Now restart Apache.

Setting up the testing environment in a branch

make schema
make run_codehosting >/dev/null 2>&1 &
# Wait until that's all up and running...
utilities/ -e <your@email.address>

Preparing the slave

Follow the instructions for setting up a local buildd slave at BuildFarm/TryOutBuildSlave. Skip the part where it tells you to run Launchpad, since you're already running it. You should end up with a shell open in a chroot for your simulated build slave. Keep it running; we're going to use that slave!

Did you obtain the chroot tarball as described on that page? Good. Give it to your running Launchpad instance and tell it to use this for its chroot (in this example, lucid):

  scripts/ftpmaster-tools/ -s lucid -a i386 add -f chroot-ubuntu-lucid-i386.tar.bz2

Making some branch updates to generate templates from

    bzr push -d lp:gedit lp://dev/bf-test --remember --use-existing-dir

Or hack it up locally, even though template generation probably won't quite work:

    pushd /tmp
    bzr init bf-test
    cd bf-test
    cat <<EOF >test.c
#include <gettext-po.h>
#include <stdio.h>
    mkdir po
    echo test.c >po/
    bzr add test.c
    bzr add po
    bzr add po/
    bzr commit -m "Setting up fake intltool branch."
    bzr push lp://dev/bf-test --remember --use-existing-dir

Now you should have a TranslationTemplatesBuildJob sitting in the BranchJob table. You should see a very wide line of data coming out of:

psql launchpad_dev -c '
    select *
    from branchjob
    join job on
    join buildqueue on
    where branchjob.job_type=6
    order by'

It will show a branch_url parameter to be passed to the slave, pointing to your branch: http://bazaar.launchpad.test/~ppa-user/bf-test/bf-test

/!\ Some system setups apparently can't access this branch. Try this:

pushd /tmp
bzr export export-experiment http://bazaar.launchpad.test/~ppa-user/bf-test/bf-test

If that succeeds and creates a copy of bf-test in a directory called export-experiment, then it's fine; otherwise, re-do your rocketfuel setup by running rocketfuel-setup. And remove your branch. And start over. Sorry!

Simulating a builder

Now we tell Soyuz that your local buildd slave is in fact Bob the Builder.

Logged in as an admin (I suggest using a different browser so as not to break your ongoing session), check the Virtualized checkbox at https://launchpad.test/builders/bob/+edit and enter an arbitrary hostname under Virtual Machine Host. Clear the "Builder State OK" checkbox to convince it not to continue building firefox for hoary, as it's been trying to do for the past few years.

Submit. Wait for a few seconds. Go back to the form and re-check "Builder State OK." Submit.

Running the job on the slave

After a while, the buildd master should dispatch your job to Bob the Builder, running in your slave. Keep an eye on these pages:

This should kick off the job and produce a template on the import queue for bf-test.


To undo the changes made by utilities/

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