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Directing users to do self-approval of their translation templates

Steps to take


We have recently switched from approving translation templates for all the projects hosted in Launchpad to letting maintainers do that. In the transitional period, we want to warn users about the fact that they need to approve translations if they've been sitting in the queue for quite some time.

Automatic approval sometimes takes up to a day (depending on the queue backlog), so you should not have to deal with any entries which are more recent than that.

Choosing who to email

Basically, maintainers and project owners can approve translations themselves. If the uploader of the files in question is part of the maintainer team for a project, Danilo suggests contacting them directly (because they are most likely to have a vested interest in getting this through). However, do note that sometimes the listed uploader on the import queue page is the branch owner, if translations are synced from a branch, and this may be a person with no power to approve translations.

Email template

Hello {User},

You have translation templates awaiting review on{project}/{series}/+imports

Are you aware that you can review these yourself?  This is a recent
change in Launchpad.

The process is described here:

(That's just one section of the page; you'll find more useful
information on the rest of the page as well).

I'll mark your entries as "Needs Information" so that the next person to
look at this won't mail you about them again.  The entries were
originally marked "Needs Review," but you can approve them either way.

Hope this helps!

{Your name}
Launchpad development team

Make sure you replace all the placeholders with the appropriate strings:

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