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== Identify the page purpose, target audience and user stories == == Identify the page purpose(s) ==
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== Choice of words == == Check your choice of words ==

Check through the [[UserInterfaceWording|User interface wording guidelines]] to ensure that you are using the recommended wording and capitalization etc.

These guidelines are to help all of us make UI reviews as straight-forward as possible.

UI review process

Currently one of the following is required to land a branch with UI changes:

  • a ui review by a graduated ui reviewer.
  • two ui reviews by ungraduated ui reviewers (marked with an asterisk below).

For a detailed process for 3.0 UI changes: VersionThreeDotO/UI/Conversion

Current UI reviewers

  • Martin Albisetti (beuno)
  • *Maris Fogels (mars)
  • *Paul Hummer (rockstar)
  • *Michael Nelson (noodles)
  • *Edwin Grubbs (EdwinGrubbs)

  • *Tom Berger (intellectronica)
  • Curtis Hovey (sinzui)
  • *Barry Warsaw (barry)

Starting your UI branch

Identify the page purpose(s)

The purpose of the page, target audience and primary user stories will help guide all your work. If possible, document these on the wiki so that other people who work on the page at a later date can easily understand the purpose of the page. You can use the PPA index page documentation as a template.

10 questions to ask yourself before starting a branch

  1. Is the page necessary? Or is it small enough to be an expandable section of another page?
  2. Is there any other page in Launchpad that does something similar?
  3. What value will this add to users?
  4. Will this make it harder for other users to complete tasks?
  5. How would you "tweet" this change? (i.e. describe in 140 characters)?
  6. Are there any other pages that should change their behavior/look with this change? 6... 7... 8... 9... 10...

What is this page trying to tell me

Although it may be out of the scope of the current branch that you are working on, it is always worthwhile getting the big-picture... and there might be small improvements outside the scope of your bug that will make a huge difference to the user experience. (Maris' to add notes)

Submitting your branch for review

10 questions to ask yourself before submitting

  1. Is the <title> appropriate and context-sensitive? If the page is the Overview of an independent entity (e.g. a person or a package), does the <title> end with "in Launchpad"? (copied from mpt's old notes - do we still do do this?)

  2. After finishing with the page, is there anywhere you'll very likely want to go next? Is that destination linked to?
  3. Will your changes make it easier to complete the page's defined tasks?
  4. Does this behave differently than other pages in Launchpad? Why are those exceptions there?
  5. Imagine you're in the target audience for the page, but you've never seen it before. Reading it, would you understand what's going on? Does it need embedded help?
  6. How many more knobs and buttons have I added?
  7. In any form, what happens if you skip a compulsory field? What happens if you enter disallowed characters? What happens if you enter 200 KB of text?
  8. What can I do to make it explaining it easier, or even unnecessary?
  9. Is it fun to use?
  10. Does the page look elegant and well-balanced?

Check your choice of words

Check through the User interface wording guidelines to ensure that you are using the recommended wording and capitalization etc.

Create a screenshot or screencast

The UI review process will be much faster if the reviewer can view your change without having to merge and run your branch. Sometimes this can be as simple as attaching screenshots to the bug (this also allows other interested people to comment).

If your UI change involves a behaviour, consider creating a brief screen-cast using gtkRecordMyDesktop and attaching it to the bug. Again, this will again help the reviewer and other interested people from commenting without having to merge your branch.

Tips for reviewers

  1. Don't read the merge proposal. Branch, fire up the page(s) that where changed, and write down your initial impressions. Sometimes a change causes other parts of the page to look out of place, so knowing what to look at may make you miss that.

  2. Make mistakes. When going through a work flow, make as many mistakes on purpose. This will help you feel what a frustration scenario would look like.

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