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The Launchpad team is working on Launchpad 4.0 right now.

We know that version numbers don't really matter for websites, but the way we do planning right now means we have to call our 2010Q2 goal.

This Launchpad release has a particular theme: it is all about bridging the gap between the Ubuntu distribution and the upstream software projects that its made from.

We've broken these themes down into a number of user stories. Most of our work has been and will be based on these.

But easily the most active, most interesting, most charismatic, most beautiful, witty, athletic, fluffy document is our ROADMAP. It gives a month-by-month picture of what we hope to do. If it's not on there, we probably aren't doing it.

You might also be interested in what we are definitely not doing.

On Launchpad itself

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