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This page describe the usage of navigation menus and how to reference views from templates.

Navigation menus

When linking different views in Launchpad page templates it is recommend to use the NavigationMenu attached to each facet of that object.

The NavigationMenus are defined in the browser code.

An object can have multiple facets. For example IPerson has a 'code', 'overview', 'translation' .. etc facets.

Here is a definition of the IPerson navigation menu for translations facet.

class IPersonTranslationsMenu(NavigationMenu):

    usedfor = IPerson
    facet = 'translations'
    links = ['translations', 'imports']

    def translations(self):
        return Link('', 'Overview')

    def imports(self):
        return Link('+imports', 'Import queue', icon='edit')

An Link('', 'Some text') will only return the text without the anchor tag.

From withing a page template, you can use the following TAL expresion to generate a link: person_object/menu:translations/imports/render, or you can get only the URL using person_object/menu:translations/imports/url

In the current codebase you may encounter the following code which is not recommended:

      <div tal:condition="context/required:launchpad.Edit">
        <a href="+imports" class="edit sprite">Import queue</a>

Instead you should use:

      <div tal:condition="context/required:launchpad.Edit">
        <a tal:attributes="href context/menu:navigation/imports/url" class="edit sprite">Import queue</a>

Or better:

        <a tal:replace="structure context/menu:navigation/imports/render" />

In the above code you can use either context/menu:navigation/imports or context/menu:translations/imports. menu:navigation is using the same facet associated with the current view.


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