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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Jamu Kakar <jkakar {_AT_} kakar.ca>

2. Batch operations in the Launchpad API

   I enjoy using the API, it's very simple and straight-forward, and
   I've been able to automate a number of boring processes with it.
   For things I do infrequently the cost of making an HTTP request
   for each object I want to work with isn't a big deal: I can start
   my scripts and let them run for as long as necessary.  But, there
   are things I'd like to do frequently that are currently too slow.
   For example, getting a list of bugs in project X with tag
   'review' and printing them in my terminal.  A quick test here
   shows that it takes 12-15s to get bug and bug task objects for 4
   bugs and display them.  I want to do this operation 20 times a
   day and for that it needs to be faster, at least as fast as
   loading the same view in my web browser.  Making it possible to
   retrieve many objects at once would help.

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