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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Barry Warsaw <barry {_AT_} canonical.com>

3. User defined bug prioritizing.  So I have 7 High priority bugs that
I have to fix this cycle and hopefully will have time to do so.  My
manager and I have negotiated a priority order in which I'm supposed
to attack these bugs.  How do I capture that in Launchpad?  Note that
my priority might be different than your priority for the same bugs,
which is great because if you get to bug 123 before I do, you'll take

On the subject of bugs, I gave a talk at our local Python Users Group
on Monday on lazr.restful and argparse.  Both talks went well, but
what caught my attention was John Szakmeister's presentation of a cool
Trac plugin.  Here's what I wrote to an internal mailing list about

So the idea behind this was that he had a list of milestones along the
right side of the page, and a table of bugs in the main part of the
page.  He said that one of the things they do all the time is sit with
the client and re-prioritize bugs.  He is able to drag-and-drop bugs
up and down his list to re-prioritize them.  It looked a lot like the
way I can drag-and-drop movies in my Netflix queue to reorder them.

That in itself was pretty cool, but then he showed how they can assign
bugs to milestones by dragging them from the main table into the
little milestone boxes on the right side.  When he expanded the
milestone, there were the bugs he'd dragged in.  It would have been
cooler if the milestone boxes displayed the dragged bugs in real time,
but still it was a pretty cool demo.

I really liked that he was thinking about prioritizing bugs and came
up with a very intuitive way of doing it, as well as a simple
intuitive way of assigning bugs to milestones.  Might be something to
think about for bugs.lp.net in the future.

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